Volunteering is a Family Affair

Studio West families took time out on Martin Luther King Day, January 21st, 2019, to volunteer at the Homes First office, laying down bark and maintaining the grounds. Volunteer efforts help lower Homes First maintenance costs, so they have more dollars to provide housing. Look closely at the group photo and you will find that about a third of the smiling faces belong members of the Hamilton family. The Hamilton’s youngest daughter takes dance classes at Studio West Dance Academy, but when volunteer events are scheduled, the whole family comes to support the cause. They began last year with volunteering at the donation room for Family Support Center of South Sound, and have continued to help with many volunteering events since.

For Jocelyn and Martin Hamilton, volunteering is an important part of parenting. 

Spending time with my family and exposing them to our social challenges and to a broader sense of community is important to us as parents. Our children are learning that we are part of the community and that helping is a part of life. We’re proud of them and hope that they carry this sense  of giving into their adult lives.
~ Jocelyn,


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